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When you work closely with our wardrobe professional designers, we help to create a one of a kind unit for you that will match your personality perfectly. It doesn't matter how creative or unique your design style is, our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations for your area. The wardrobes are customisable allowing you to create something that suits your needs. When your custom built-in wardrobes are designed for you, we make certain to only use the highest quality materials and the latest production methods to ensure your new unit is exactly to your specifications. The reason we only use the highest quality materials are these units are built to stand the test of time. Rather than compromise the integrity of the built-in wardrobes with inferior materials, we make certain to go that extra mile and provide you the highest possible quality that is also extremely durable.


When it comes to choosing a design for bespoke sliding door wardrobes, we leave no stone unturned to impress our customers with a plethora of options. At Real Interior you can select between different textures, designs, finish as well as a wide range of colour options. No matter if your artistic inclination has more towards bold looks or sleek design Urban all types of sliding closets to fulfil your demands.


Our ranges are suitable for all areas of the home and will easy fit in with your bedroom, kitchen, laundry and more.