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Contemporary Kitchens

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Perfectly accenting a modern loft, urban apartment or renovated bungalow, a contemporary kitchen works well in a variety of settings. Whether you want to go modern and organic with all natural materials, like simple cabinetry and stone counter tops, or you're wanting a luxurious, sleek feel with concrete accents and glossy white cabinetry, there are many options from which you can select to create a custom contemporary kitchen. 

There are several aspects that can give a kitchen a distinct, contemporary feel. Some of the most popular choices for contemporary kitchens across the board include concrete counter tops, sleek, polished cabinetry with overlaid doors and hidden hardware, stainless steel accents, and design accessories that exude a Mid-century modern vibe. 

Certain design concepts are executed when creating a contemporary kitchen. Mixing materials to create a natural and organic setting, and maintaining clean, straight lines are two key design elements in contemporary kitchens. Notably, contemporary design leans heavily on the influence of Scandinavian modern design concepts. These concepts place great emphasis on the balance of form and functionality.

Ultimately, a contemporary kitchen should contain these key elements, but should also include your own personal twist. A splash of vibrant colour, unique bar stools or a black and white framed photo gallery are some of the ways you can customize your contemporary space. Kitchens on Eden can lay the beautiful groundwork, and you can add in the fun touches that will make your kitchen uniquely your own.