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Kitchens On Eden 


With the ability to create innovative concepts that incorporate both the beautiful and the practical into our designs, Kitchens On Eden is here to make the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams become a reality. Our number one goal is to create a space that fits perfectly with your lifestyle, your personality and your design preferences. We want you to be more than just content, we want you to be thrilled with your kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe.
We know how important it is to place emphasis on both aesthetic appeal and modern functionality. The most immaculate and lovely kitchen isn't going to be anyone's favourite room if they can't get the dishwasher door open because a kitchen island has been installed just a little too close. As experts in spatial layout, we can optimize every inch of your square footage to make sure every part of a room is in perfect, functioning order.
At Kitchens On Eden, we never compromise on quality. We source our cabinetry hardware from leading European manufacturers, and every hinge, drawer runner, and pull out mechanism is closely inspected to ensure the highest level of quality. Additionally, our cabinetry selections are crafted from the finest natural solid timber, timber veneers, and high moisture resistant board, and our bench top options include luxurious marble, granite, stainless steel, engineered stone, solid timber, acrylic, and high pressure laminate.


We use smart, efficient design concepts at Kitchens On Eden to create practical and inviting spaces. Our kitchen designs focus on effectively using available light and space to maximize functionality. We work closely with our clients to create a kitchen that fits their personal needs. We use the best materials suited to your style and budget, and we never settle when it comes to quality. We know that your kitchen is an investment, and we want you to enjoy using your space for many years to come. 


Whether you want your bathroom to have the feel of a spa retreat or you are desiring a luxurious, stream-lined modern vibe, Kitchens On Eden can bring to life the bathroom concept of your dreams. We know that it’s crucial to combine function and beauty in any space, and it is no less the case in your bathroom. We can implement design concepts for family bathrooms, master suite options, laundry rooms and any other bath-related space using supplies from leading manufacturers and niche suppliers.


Kitchens On Eden is pleased to offer our custom wardrobe design services. We can install a designer closet with your personal needs specifically in mind. You can include tie racks, jewellery drawers, shoe racks, and trouser racks. Plenty of customized storage space can be created that works for you with smart and stylish panache.